Call 1: Selected PhD projects (2019-2022)

Project leader

PhD student

PhD project


Sabine Bailly Mohammad Al Tarass Deciphering BMP9/10 signaling BCI-BAL
Dominique Bourgeois   Manipulating fluorophore photophysics to boost single-particle tracking photo activated localization microscopy (spt-PALM) IBS-PIXEL
Marc Jamin Hussein Daher Structure and operating principles of rabies virus RNA transcription/ replication machine IBS-VRM
Carlo Petosa Raphaël Dupeyron Investigating an epigenetic antifungal target : the RSC chromatin remodelling complex IBS-VIC
Rémy Sadoul   Alix control of exosome cargoes entry IBS-EBEV
Paul Schanda Loïc Hellio Structural basis of membrane-protein insertion into the mitochondrial outer membrane by MIM IBS-NMR


Master 2 Scholarships 2019-2020




Mariel Cano Jorge Nano-Biosciences Laurent Blanchoin – LPCV
Natalia Lyubaykina Integrative Structural Biology Valentin Gordelly – IBS
Elda Bauda Integrative Structural Biology Cécile Morlot – IBS
Alberto Florez-Prada Integrative Structural Biology Darren Hart – IBS
Andrea Valeria Catacora Grundy Planta International Giovanni Finazzi – LPCV