Rory Munro works at the Institut de Biologie Structurale.



His project: Photo-activation mechanism of OCP studied by time-resolved serial crystallography and NMR spectroscopy


Hi, I am Rory from the United Kingdom. I am a PhD student at Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS), working under the supervision of Dr. Jacques-Philippe Colletier and Dr. Bernhard Brutscher, and we are using X-ray crystallography and NMR to understand photoactivation in the Orange Carotenoid Protein (OCP).

OCP can photoactivate in the presence of blue/green light, where it plays crucial roles in protecting cyanobacteria from excess sunlight, promoting cell survival. Understanding the mechanism behind photoactivation will allow us to further its potential as a candidate for use in optogenetics, as well as in medical and energy-related fields.

I studied at the University of Southampton where I obtained my research masters, and outside of research I am very fond of exercising and reading. I really enjoy living in Grenoble, as the mountain scenery gives the city a magic feel, making it a pleasure to work here.