The Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural & Cell Biology has supported / will support the following events since 2019:

February 2 – March 28 Hercules European School
May 28-31 International Workshop on Advanced Isotopic Labelling Methods
June 12-14 14ème Colloque International de la Société Française de Biologie Végétale (SFBV)

March 14-17 22nd congress of the French Membrane Group (GEM). Membranes: Structure, Dynamics and Function
May 4 Grenoble Host-Pathogen Interactions meeting
June 5-7 Structural Glycoscience Summer School
July 6-7 PSB Symposium “Dynamics in Structural Biology”
October 2-4 Epigenetics symposium – signaling through chromatin
November 9 Grenoble drug discovery club
November 13 Forum Biotechno AuRA

April 10-15 Winter school on fluorescent markers at the Ecole de Physique des Houches
May GRAL’s symposium on research infrastructure in structural & cell biology
May 22-27 TSRC Workshop on Protein Dynamics
July 10-15 24th International Symposium on Plant Lipids
July 22 Symposium in the honor of Dr. Juan Fontecilla-Camps’ retirement “The contribution of structural biology to the understanding of the mechanisms of metalloproteins”
August 29-31 13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology
September 12-16 Advanced Isotopic Labeling Methods for Integrated Structural Biology
November 25 4th meeting of the Grenoble Drug Discovery Club

July 1-2 PSB Symposium – Frontiers in Bioimaging
September 23 Annual PLANT-Int Symposium
December 10 Rencontre des Jeunes physiciens Grenoble

February 20 Mini symposium III Signaling Through Chromatin of the Grenoble 20.2 Epigenetics Club
July 6-10 12th International Biometals Web-Symposium
September 30 – October 2 Journées 2020 du Réseau d’Imagerie en Microscopie Electronique (RIME)

March 26-29 International Workshop on Advanced Isotopic Labelling – Methods for Integrated Structural Biology
April 17 Bacto-Gre 2019
May 27-28 Oxford-Grenoble 2019
June 11 Forum BIOTechno Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 2019
July 4-5 PSB Symposium – Macromolecules in action
October 21-25 11th International AFM BioMed Summer School
November 9 Un rêve pour les filles et les garçons : La Science