Publications 2020

Selected publications from the projects funded by GRAL:

  • Alleva, C, Kirill Kovalev, R Astashkin, MI Berndt, C Baeken, T Balandin, Valentin Gordeliy, Ch Fahlke, et J-P Machtens. « Na+-dependent gate dynamics and electrostatic attraction ensure substrate coupling in glutamate transporters ». Science advances 6, n. 47 (2020): eaba9854.
  • Arragain, Benoît, Grégory Effantin, Piotr Gerlach, Juan Reguera, Guy Schoehn, Stephen Cusack, et Hélène Malet. « Pre-initiation and elongation structures of full-length La Crosse virus polymerase reveal functionally important conformational changes ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑13.
  • Bertin, Aurélie, Nicola De Franceschi, Eugenio De La Mora, Sourav Maity, Maryam Alqabandi, Nolwen Miguet, Aurelie Di Cicco, et al. « Human ESCRT-III polymers assemble on positively curved membranes and induce helical membrane tube formation ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑13.
  • Burt, Alister, C Keith Cassidy, Peter Ames, Maria Bacia-Verloop, Megghane Baulard, Karine Huard, Zaida Luthey-Schulten, et al. « Complete structure of the chemosensory array core signalling unit in an E. coli minicell strain ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑9.
  • Camacho-Zarco, Aldo R, Sissy Kalayil, Damien Maurin, Nicola Salvi, Elise Delaforge, Sigrid Milles, Malene Ringkjøbing Jensen, Darren J Hart, Stephen Cusack, et Martin Blackledge. « Molecular basis of host-adaptation interactions between influenza virus polymerase PB2 subunit and ANP32A ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑12.
  • Crespo, Marion, Annelaure Damont, Melina Blanco, Emmanuelle Lastrucci, Sara El Kennani, Côme Ialy-Radio, Laila El Khattabi, et al. « Multi-omic analysis of gametogenesis reveals a novel signature at the promoters and distal enhancers of active genes ». Nucleic acids research 48, n. 8 (2020): 4115‑38.
  • Cuveillier, Camille, Julie Delaroche, Maxime Seggio, Sylvie Gory-Fauré, Christophe Bosc, Eric Denarier, Maria Bacia, et al. « MAP6 is an intraluminal protein that induces neuronal microtubules to coil ». Science advances 6, n. 14 (2020): eaaz4344.
  • Fajardo, Ana Sosa, Pierre Legrand, Lucı́a Payá-Tormo, Lydie Martin, Maria Teresa Pellicer Martı́nez, Carlos Echavarri-Erasun, Xavier Vernède, Luis M Rubio, et Yvain Nicolet. « Structural insights into the mechanism of the radical SAM carbide synthase NifB, a key nitrogenase cofactor maturating enzyme ». Journal of the American Chemical Society 142, n. 25 (2020): 11006‑12.
  • Guseva, Serafima, Sigrid Milles, Malene Ringkjøbing Jensen, Nicola Salvi, Jean-Philippe Kleman, Damien Maurin, Rob WH Ruigrok, et Martin Blackledge. « Measles virus nucleo-and phosphoproteins form liquid-like phase-separated compartments that promote nucleocapsid assembly ». Science advances 6, n. 14 (2020): eaaz7095.
  • Kovalev, Kirill, D Volkov, Roman Astashkin, Alexey Alekseev, Ivan Gushchin, Jose M Haro-Moreno, Igor Chizhov, et al. « High-resolution structural insights into the heliorhodopsin family ». Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117, n. 8 (2020): 4131‑41.
  • Liebers, Monique, François-Xavier Gillet, Abir Israel, Kevin Pounot, Louise Chambon, Maha Chieb, Fabien Chevalier, et al. « Nucleo-plastidic PAP 8/pTAC 6 couples chloroplast formation with photomorphogenesis ». The EMBO Journal 39, n. 22 (2020): e104941.
  • Silva, Catarina S, Aditya Nayak, Xuelei Lai, Stephanie Hutin, Véronique Hugouvieux, Jae-Hoon Jung, Irene López-Vidriero, et al. « Molecular mechanisms of Evening Complex activity in Arabidopsis ». Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117, n. 12 (2020): 6901‑9.
  • Sučec, Iva, Yong Wang, Ons Dakhlaoui, Katharina Weinhäupl, Tobias Jores, Doriane Costa, Audrey Hessel, et al. « Structural basis of client specificity in mitochondrial membrane-protein chaperones ». Science Advances 6, n. 51 (2020): eabd0263.
  • Tetreau, Guillaume, Anne-Sophie Banneville, Elena A Andreeva, Aaron S Brewster, Mark S Hunter, Raymond G Sierra, Jean-Marie Teulon, et al. « Serial femtosecond crystallography on in vivo-grown crystals drives elucidation of mosquitocidal Cyt1Aa bioactivation cascade ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑16.
  • Trouillon, Julian, Erwin Sentausa, Michel Ragno, Mylène Robert-Genthon, Stephen Lory, Ina Attrée, et Sylvie Elsen. « Species-specific recruitment of transcription factors dictates toxin expression ». Nucleic acids research 48, n. 5 (2020): 2388‑2400.
  • Trouve, Jennyfer, Andre Zapun, Christopher Arthaud, Claire Durmort, Anne Marie Di Guilmi, Bill Soederstroem, Christophe Grangeasse, Dominique Bourgeois, Yung-Sing Wong, et Cecile Morlot. « Nanoscale Dynamics of Peptidoglycan Assembly During the Cell Cycle of Streptococcus pneumoniae ». Current Biology, 2020.
  • Uroda, Tina, Isabel Chillón, Paolo Annibale, Jean-Marie Teulon, Ombeline Pessey, Manikandan Karuppasamy, Jean-Luc Pellequer, et Marco Marcia. « Visualizing the functional 3D shape and topography of long noncoding RNAs by single-particle atomic force microscopy and in-solution hydrodynamic techniques ». Nature Protocols 15, n. 6 (2020): 2107‑39.
  • Woodhouse, Joyce, Gabriela Nass Kovacs, Nicolas Coquelle, Lucas M Uriarte, Virgile Adam, Thomas RM Barends, Martin Byrdin, et al. « Photoswitching mechanism of a fluorescent protein revealed by time-resolved crystallography and transient absorption spectroscopy ». Nature communications 11, n. 1 (2020): 1‑11.


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