Publications 2022

The list of 141 peer-reviewed research articles mentioning ANR-17-EURE-0003 and GRAL and/or ANR-10-LABX-49-01 published in 2022, listed by alphabetical order, is available here.

Selected publications from the projects funded by GRAL:

  • Amara, P.; Saragaglia, C.; Mouesca, J.-M.; Martin, L.; Nicolet, Y. L-Tyrosine-Bound ThiH Structure Reveals C–C Bond Break Differences within Radical SAM Aromatic Amino Acid Lyases. Nature communications 2022, 13 (1), 1–11.
  • Astashkin, R.; Kovalev, K.; Bukhdruker, S.; Vaganova, S.; Kuzmin, A.; Alekseev, A.; Balandin, T.; Zabelskii, D.; Gushchin, I.; Royant, A.; Volkov, D.; Bourenkov, G.; Koonin, E.; Engelhard, M.; Bamberg, E.; Gordeliy, V. Structural Insights into Light-Driven Anion Pumping in Cyanobacteria. Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1), 1–13.
  • Bessa, L. M.; Guseva, S.; Camacho-Zarco, A. R.; Salvi, N.; Maurin, D.; Perez, L. M.; Botova, M.; Malki, A.; Nanao, M.; Jensen, M. R.; Ruigrok, R. W.; Blackledge, M. The Intrinsically Disordered SARS-CoV-2 Nucleoprotein in Dynamic Complex with Its Viral Partner Nsp3a. Science advances 2022, 8 (3), eabm4034.
  • Besson, S.; Boucher, E.; Laurin, D.; Manches, O.; Aspord, C.; Hannani, D.; Fender, P. Stimulation of the Immune System by a Tumor Antigen Bearing Adenovirus-Inspired VLP Allows the Control of Melanoma Growth. Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development 2022.
  • Besson, S.; Laurin, D.; Chauvière, C.; Thépaut, M.; Kleman, J.-P.; Pezet, M.; Manches, O.; Fieschi, F.; Aspord, C.; Fender, P. Adenovirus-Inspired Virus-Like-Particles Displaying Melanoma Tumor Antigen Specifically Target Human DC Subsets and Trigger Antigen-Specific Immune Responses. Biomedicines 2022, 10 (11), 2881.
  • Bouvard, C.; Tu, L.; Rossi, M.; Desroches-Castan, A.; Berrebeh, N.; Helfer, E.; Roelants, C.; Liu, H.; Ouarne, M.; Chaumontel, N.; Mallet, C.; Battail, C.; Bikfalvi, A.; Humbert, M.; Savale, L.; Daubon, T.; Perret, P.; Tillet, E.; Guignabert, C.; Bailly, S. Different Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Phenotypes for Single-and Double-Knock-out Mice Deficient in BMP9 and BMP10. Cardiovascular Research 2022, 118 (7), 1805–1820.
  • Chevillard, C.; Amen, A.; Besson, S.; Hannani, D.; Bally, I.; Dettling, V.; Gout, E.; Moreau, C. J.; Buisson, M.; Gallet, S.; Fenel, D.; Vassal-Stermann, E.; Schoehn, G.; Poignard, P.; Dagher, M.-C.; Fender, P. Elicitation of Potent SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Responses through Immunization with a Versatile Adenovirus-Inspired Multimerization Platform. Molecular Therapy 2022, 30 (5), 1913–1925.
  • Devcic, J.; Dussol, M.; Collin-Faure, V.; Pérard, J.; Fenel, D.; Schoehn, G.; Carrière, M.; Rabilloud, T.; Dalzon, B. Immediate and Sustained Effects of Cobalt and Zinc-Containing Pigments on Macrophages. Frontiers in Immunology 2022, 13, 865239.
  • El Masri, R.; Seffouh, A.; Roelants, C.; Seffouh, I.; Gout, E.; Pérard, J.; Dalonneau, F.; Nishitsuji, K.; Noborn, F.; Nikpour, M.; Larson, G.; Crétinon, Y.; Friedel-Arboleas, M.; Uchimura, K.; Daniel, R.; Lortat-Jacob, H.; Filhol, O.; Vivès, R. R. Extracellular Endosulfatase Sulf-2 Harbors a Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulfate Chain That Modulates Its Enzyme Activity. Cell Reports 2022, 38 (11), 110516.
  • Fancello, L.; Burger, T. An Analysis of Proteogenomics and How and When Transcriptome-Informed Reduction of Protein Databases Can Enhance Eukaryotic Proteomics. Genome Biology 2022, 23 (1), 1–23.
  • Guéguen, N.; Maréchal, E. Origin of cyanobacterial thylakoids via a non-vesicular glycolipid phase transition and their impact on the Great Oxygenation Event. Journal of experimental botany 2022, 73(9), pp.2721-2734.
  • Henot, F., Rioual, E., Favier, A., Macek, P., Crublet, E., Josso, P., Brutscher, B., Frech, M., Gans, P., Loison, C. and Boisbouvier, J.. Visualizing the transiently populated closed-state of human HSP90 ATP binding domain. Nature Communications 2022, 13(1), p.7601.
  • Leisico, F.; Omeiri, J.; Le Narvor, C.; Beaudouin, J.; Hons, M.; Fenel, D.; Schoehn, G.; Couté, Y.; Bonnaffé, D.; Sadir, R.; Lortat-Jacob, H.; Wild, R. Structure of the Human Heparan Sulfate Polymerase Complex EXT1-EXT2. Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1), 1–11.
  • Mariño Pérez L, Ielasi FS, Bessa LM, Maurin D, Kragelj J, Blackledge M, Salvi N, Bouvignies G, Palencia A, Jensen MR. Visualizing protein breathing motions associated with aromatic ring flipping. Nature. 2022 Feb 24;602(7898):695-700.
  • Seydoux, C.; Storti, M.; Giovagnetti, V.; Matuszyńska, A.; Guglielmino, E.; Zhao, X.; Giustini, C.; Pan, Y.; Blommaert, L.; Angulo, J.; Ruban, A. V.; Hu, H.; Bailleul, B.; Courtois, F.; Allorent, G.; Finazzi, G. Impaired Photoprotection in Phaeodactylum Tricornutum KEA3 Mutants Reveals the Proton Regulatory Circuit of Diatoms Light Acclimation. New Phytologist 2022, 234 (2), 578–591.
  • Sulbaran, G.; Maisonnasse, P.; Amen, A.; Effantin, G.; Guilligay, D.; Dereuddre-Bosquet, N.; Burger, J. A.; Poniman, M.; Grobben, M.; Buisson, M.; Dylon, S. D.; Naninck, T.; Lemaitre, N.; Gros, W.; Gallouët, A.-S.; Marlin, R.; Bouillier, C.; Contreras, V.; Relouzat, F.; Fenel, D.; Thepaut, M.; Bally, I.; Thielens, N.; Fieschi, F.; Schoehn, G.; van der werf, S.; van Gils, M. J.; Sanders, R. W.; Poignard, P.; Le Grand, R.; Weissenhorn, W. Immunization with Synthetic SARS-CoV-2 S Glycoprotein Virus-like Particles Protects Macaques from Infection. Cell Reports Medicine 2022, 3 (2), 100528.
  • Wulffele, J.; Thedie, D.; Glushonkov, O.; Bourgeois, D. MEos4b Photoconversion Efficiency Depends on Laser Illumination Conditions Used in PALM. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2022, 13, 5075–5080.
  • Yamamoto, S.; Gaillard, J.; Vianay, B.; Guerin, C.; Orhant-Prioux, M.; Blanchoin, L.; Théry, M. Actin Network Architecture Can Ensure Robust Centering or Sensitive Decentering of the Centrosome. The EMBO Journal 2022, 41 (20), e111631.