About us

Within the implementation of “Investissements d’avenir” program, the French government attributed financing to various Laboratories of excellence (Labex).

Labex GRAL: Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural Cell Biology was thus selected among the various calls for projects. This project is at the interface between the structural and cellular biology. It is thus a multidisciplinary project by nature, that affects several big scientific domains, i.e.: structural Biology, cellular Biology, integrative Biology, Plant biology, Nanobiology, Interactions pathogenic hosts, Cancer, molecular Chemistry …

The global GRAL’S priority is deciphering and integrating knowledge on the structure and dynamics of proteins and their function in the cellular context, both in space and time. This approach will allow the understanding of the modulation of the biological functions, and will open the way to major advances in the health, environment and biotechnologies.


GRALis a 10 years project, that hopes to perpetuate and who aims at four main objectives:

1. Support excellent research projects on the integrated structural biology

2. Support the excellence on the activities of training and education thanks to a unique and stimulating environment in science and technology

3. Encourage and favor the partnership and technology transfer

4. Create a scientific community, gathered under a common and strong identity GRAL