The 48H of GRAL seminar took place on 27-28 March 2023 in L’Escandille, Autrans.

The next seminar is scheduled in spring 2025.


The “48H of GRAL” is an excellent opportunity to strengthen interactions within the GRAL community, and included plenary lectures, poster sessions, and discussions. In March 2023, 143 participants from the GRAL labs (BioSanté, BGE, IBS, LCBM, and LPCV) as well as close collaborators in Grenoble (DPM, EMBL, ESRF, GIN, IAB, LBFA, LIPHy, SyMMES, TIMC, …) attended.


GRAL supports the organization of scientific days, seminars, workshops, etc, co-organized by researchers from the GRAL labs (BGE, BioSanté, IBSLCBM, and LPCV), with focus on Integrated Structural Cell Biology.

The list of events supported since 2019 is available here.