Publications 2021


Selected publications from the projects funded by GRAL:

  • Azpeitia, E.; Tichtinsky, G.; Le Masson, M.; Serrano-Mislata, A.; Lucas, J.; Gregis, V.; Gimenez, C.; Prunet, N.; Farcot, E.; Kater, M. M.; Bradley, D.; Madueño, F.; Godin, C.; Parcy, F. Cauliflower Fractal Forms Arise from Perturbations of Floral Gene Networks. Science 2021, 373 (6551), 192–197.
  • Blanquart, S.; Groussin, M.; Le Roy, A.; Szöllosi, G. J.; Girard, E.; Franzetti, B.; Gouy, M.; Madern, D. Resurrection of Ancestral Malate Dehydrogenases Reveals the Evolutionary History of Halobacterial Proteins: Deciphering Gene Trajectories and Changes in Biochemical Properties. Molecular Biology and Evolution 2021.
  • Caillat, C.; Guilligay, D.; Torralba, J.; Friedrich, N.; Nieva, J. L.; Trkola, A.; Chipot, C. J.; Dehez, F. L.; Weissenhorn, W. Structure of HIV-1 Gp41 with Its Membrane Anchors Targeted by Neutralizing Antibodies. Elife 2021, 10, e65005.
  • Christou, N. E.; Giandoreggio-Barranco, K.; Ayala, I.; Glushonkov, O.; Adam, V.; Bourgeois, D.; Brutscher, B. Disentangling Chromophore States in a Reversibly Switchable Green Fluorescent Protein: Mechanistic Insights from NMR Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2021.
  • Deruelle, V.; Bouillot, S.; Job, V.; Taillebourg, E.; Fauvarque, M.-O.; Attrée, I.; Huber, P. The Bacterial Toxin ExoU Requires a Host Trafficking Chaperone for Transportation and to Induce Necrosis. Nature Communications 2021, 12 (1), 1–14.
  • Jessop, M.; Liesche, C.; Felix, J.; Desfosses, A.; Baulard, M.; Adam, V.; Fraudeau, A.; Huard, K.; Effantin, G.; Kleman, J.-P.; Bacia-Verloop, M.; Bourgeois, D.; Gutsche, I. Supramolecular Assembly of the Escherichia Coli LdcI upon Acid Stress. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021, 118 (2).
  • Lai, X.; Blanc-Mathieu, R.; GrandVuillemin, L.; Huang, Y.; Stigliani, A.; Lucas, J.; Thévenon, E.; Loue-Manifel, J.; Turchi, L.; Daher, H.; Brun-Hernandez, E.; Vachon, G.; Latrasse, D.; Benhamed, M.; Dumas, R.; Zubieta, C.; Parcy, F. The LEAFY Floral Regulator Displays Pioneer Transcription Factor Properties. Mol Plant 2021, 14 (5), 829–837.
  • Malki, A.; Teulon, J.-M.; Camacho-Zarco, A. R.; Chen, S. W.; Adamski, W.; Maurin, D.; Salvi, N.; Pellequer, J.-L.; Blackledge, M. Intrinsically Disordered Tardigrade Proteins Self-Assemble into Fibrous Gels in Response to Environmental Stress. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021.
  • Martins, A.; Contreras-Martel, C.; Janet-Maitre, M.; Miyachiro, M. M.; Estrozi, L. F.; Trindade, D. M.; Malospirito, C. C.; Rodrigues-Costa, F.; Imbert, L.; Job, V.; Schoehn, G.; Attrée, I.; Dessen, A. Self-Association of MreC as a Regulatory Signal in Bacterial Cell Wall Elongation. Nat Commun 2021, 12 (1), 2987.
  • Triclin, S.; Inoue, D.; Gaillard, J.; Htet, Z. M.; DeSantis, M. E.; Portran, D.; Derivery, E.; Aumeier, C.; Schaedel, L.; John, K.; Leterrier, C.; Reck-Peterson, S. L.; Blanchoin, L.; Théry, M. Self-Repair Protects Microtubules from Destruction by Molecular Motors. Nat Mater 2021, 20 (6), 883–891.
  • Trouillon, J.; Imbert, L.; Villard, A.-M.; Vernet, T.; Attrée, I.; Elsen, S. Determination of the Two-Component Systems Regulatory Network Reveals Core and Accessory Regulations across Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Lineages. Nucleic acids research 2021, 49 (20), 11476–11490.
  • Uwizeye, C.; Decelle, J.; Jouneau, P.-H.; Flori, S.; Gallet, B.; Keck, J.-B.; Bo, D. D.; Moriscot, C.; Seydoux, C.; Chevalier, F.; Schieber, N. L.; Templin, R.; Allorent, G.; Courtois, F.; Curien, G.; Schwab, Y.; Schoehn, G.; Zeeman, S. C.; Falconet, D.; Finazzi, G. Morphological Bases of Phytoplankton Energy Management and Physiological Responses Unveiled by 3D Subcellular Imaging. Nat Commun 2021, 12 (1), 1049.
  • Uwizeye, C.; Mars Brisbin, M.; Gallet, B.; Chevalier, F.; LeKieffre, C.; Schieber, N. L.; Falconet, D.; Wangpraseurt, D.; Schertel, L.; Stryhanyuk, H.; Musat, N.; Mitarai, S.; Schwab, Y.; Finazzi, G.; Decelle, J. Cytoklepty in the Plankton: A Host Strategy to Optimize the Bioenergetic Machinery of Endosymbiotic Algae. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021, 118 (27).



The list of 126 peer-reviewed research articles mentioning ANR-17-EURE-0003 and GRAL and/or ANR-10-LABX-49-01 published in 2021, listed by alphabetical order, is available here.