Mohammad Chorfa works at the Institut de Biologie Structurale.


His project: Development of infrared fluorescent proteins with emission towards 800 nm


Hello, I am Mohammad Chorfa from Lyon. I am a PhD student at the Institut de Biologie Structurale, working under the supervision of Dr. Jérôme Dupuy and Dr. Antoine Royant on the development of an infrared fluorescent protein.

After completing a master’s degree in structural and functional biochemistry at Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, I decided to continue my studies by completing a PhD in the field of crystallography. This is how I decided to choose my thesis project. My thesis project aims at developing a new fluorescent protein that will have an emission above 800 nm. The development of this protein will allow a great advance in the field of the whole body imaging.

As I like crystallography, the location of my lab is very convenient considering the proximity of the ESRF synchrotron. Moreover, I find the mountains of Grenoble wonderful, especially for hiking in summer and sledding in winter.