Vaitson Çumaku works at the BioSanté lab (Biology and Biotechnology for Health).


His project: Structural characterization of engineered Virus Like Particles using nanoresonator-based mass spectrometry

Hello there! My name is Vaitson Çumaku and I am a PhD student at the EDyP laboratory, located at the CEA centre of Grenoble, working under the supervision of Dr Christophe Masselon and Dr Sebastien Hentz since October 2020.

I pursued my primary studies until I graduated from high school, in my hometown of Gjirokastra, Albania. Then, I was accepted to pursue my studies at the University Joseph Fourier, in Grenoble, in the field of general Biology, and I later continued my education with a Masters in Nanobiosciences, at the University of Grenoble Alpes. As for my research, my group has developed a totally new and innovative type of Mass Spectrometry (MS), called NEMS-MS, which consists of using nanoscale electromechanical resonators (NEMS) as particle detectors. This technique has shown to be very suitable for large particles, such as viruses or virus-like particles, and thus we are trying to use this instrument to make this technique a routine tool for virus detection, in air or in solution.

As you might understand, as I have done all my university studies here in Grenoble, I have had the possibility to create some very good friendships and learned all the interesting spots on the town. As for my hobbies, I would consider myself a real cinephile, mainly for old and independent cinema. I also enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, but also taking part in group sports, such as jiujitsu, football or basketball.