The Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural & Cell Biology (GRAL)

brings together 4 partner labs (BioSanté, IBS, LCBM, and LPCV).

GRAL’s priorities are to decipher and integrate knowledge on the structure and dynamics of biological molecules and their function in the cellular context, in space and time.

The integrated approaches to address biological questions at different scales of resolution, analyzing their dynamics and function in vitro and in vivo model systems, will provide important results for basic science and will open up new opportunities in health, environment, and biotechnologies.

About us

GRAL was selected for funding as a Laboratoire d’excellence (Labex) through the “Investissements d’avenir” programme of the French government in 2011. GRAL’s funding has been extended until 2028 through the Chemistry, Biology and Health Graduate School of Université Grenoble Alpes.

The project is at the interface between structural and cellular biology, and is multidisciplinary by nature. Its scientists, research staff, and students conduct forefront and innovative research in structural biology, cellular biology, integrative biology, plant biology, nanobiology, pathogenic-host interactions, cancer biology, molecular chemistry…


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