In the framework of the Chemistry, Biology, Health Graduate School (CBH-EUR-GS) of Université Grenoble Alpes, CBH Graduate School, Arcane Labex, and GRAL Labex have launched a common call to fund PhD projects. A researcher can only apply to one of the 3 funding bodies, with specific rules for each, which you can read here.

GRAL will fund up to 4 PhD projects (3-yr salary for a PhD student + 30k€ funding for PhD operating costs) in the fields of integrated structural and cellular biology, to start in autumn 2024. The number of submitted projects is limited relatively to the size of each research lab (BioSanté: 1 project, BGE: 1, LCBM: 1, LPCV: 2, IBS: 5). Preselection will be organized by DUs, who may request a letter of intent from the PIs.

The call is open to scientists of the GRAL research consortium. PIs who are currently supervising a 1st or 2nd year PhD student funded by GRAL, or a 1st year PhD student funded by IDEX, CBH Graduate School, or EDCSV, are not eligible. This does not apply to co-PIs.

Applications from young scientists are encouraged. Proposals for joint funding of PhD salaries by other organizations are possible, and will count as half towards the project quotas per lab.

The prime criteria for selection will be the scientific excellence and coherence of the proposal, and the experience and track record of the project coordinator. Projects will be evaluated by 2 external reviewers (scientific quality of the project: 10 points) and by GRAL’s Scientific Advisory Board (adequacy to GRAL’s scientific perimeter: 3 points; implementation and feasibility: 3 points; quality of the participant(s): 4 points).


The call is open until November 16th 2023 1 pm.

Projects must be submitted on CBH Graduate School webpage here.


Download the application form
Read GRAL’s scientific project
Guide to the CBH-Arcane-GRAL call for PhD projects
Frequently Asked Questions (in French)


Please contact GRAL’s project manager Anne-Mathilde Thierry for any question.