Call for GRAL PhD student applications 2020


In the framework of the Grenoble Graduate School in Chemistry, Biology, and Health (CBH-EUR-GS), the GRAL research programme funds PhD scholarships in GRAL labs of the IRIG institute: IBS, BCI, BGE, CBM, and PCV.

The following PhD projects have been selected for funding by the GRAL Scientific Advisory Board, the GRAL Directory, and validated by the Board of Management of the Grenoble Graduate School in Chemistry, Biology, and Health, to start in autumn 2020:

PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
Ina Attrée (Applications closed) Exploring two partner secretion in virulence of Gram-negative pathogens Description BCI-PBRC
Jacques-Philippe Colletier & Bernahrd Brutscher (Applications closed) Photo-activation mechanism of OCP studied by time-resolved serial crystallography and NMR spectroscopy Description IBS-DYNAMOP and IBS-NMR
Irina Gutsche & Joanna Timmins (Applications closed) Structural insight into bacterial chromatin assembly by cryo-electron tomography Description IBS-MICA and IBS-VIC
Malene R. Jensen
(Applications closed)
Structure, dynamics, and assembly of super-scaffolding complexes in MAPK cell signaling Description IBS-FDP
Christophe Masselon & Sébastien Hentz (Applications closed) Structural characterization of engineered Virus Like Particles using nanoresonator-based mass spectrometry Description BGE-EDyP
Isabelle Vilgrain Endothelial cell reprogramming in cancer microenvironment: towards the identification of new therapeutic targets Description BCI-IMAC
Gilles Curien & Johan Decelle (Applications closed) Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae Description PCV-Photosymbiosis
Dominique Bourgeois (selected for funding in 2019; applications closed)
Manipulating fluorophore photophysics to boost single-particle tracking photo activated localization microscopy (spt-PALM) Description


GRAL PhD funding includes 3 years of salary (gross salary: 1768.55 € per month) and 10,000€ of bench fees per year. Candidates must directly contact the PhD supervisor(s) to apply.


  • Deadline of the call for PhD projects applications: November 2019
  • Opening of the call for student applications: Mars 2020
  • Audition for PhD candidates: May 4th 2020 (planned at IBS, in Grenoble; rescheduled online). PhD supervisor(s) may choose a later date for the auditions.
  • Results: May 2020
  • Registration at Université Grenoble Alpes and start of PhD project: autumn 2020

The candidate selected by the PhD supervisor(s) must send the following documents in a unique pdf file to GRAL’s Executive Manager: before April 26th (23:59, CET). Different deadlines may apply for the different projects, see above.

  • The application file, filled, dated, and signed Download application file
  • A cover letter (one page maximum) including ranking obtained during the 1st and 2nd year of Master
  • A detailled CV
  • A letter of support from the PhD supervisor(s)
  • Diploma(s) and copies of academic transcripts equivalent to a 1st year of MSc (or 3-yr BSc and 1 year of MSc), translated to English (or French) if needed
  • Copies of academic transcripts equivalent to a 2nd year of MSc, translated to English (or French) if needed
  • Level of language proficiency (e.g. TOEIC, Bulats, etc.) if available / appropriate



Photo © : CEA / P. Avavian