GRAL can support the early stages of development of emerging technologies in Integrated Structural and Cell Biology (derived from academic research within GRAL labs: BGE, BioSanté, IBSLCBM, and LPCV).

Financial support from GRAL will help scientists increase the level of maturity of emerging technologies and help them access the right market. Sufficient technological readiness level (TRL) is required from the outset to reach TRL 3-4 levels by the end of the project.

GRAL looks for projects aiming to make the technological leap to a pre-industrial proof of concept at the laboratory scale (TRL 4 level demonstrator, i.e. proof of in vivo or ex vivo compound efficacy, medical device / diagnostic test / vaccine platform prototypes, consolidation of a bioproduction process for compound or synthons of interest, biomaterials able of integrating an industrial field, etc.).

GRAL’s technology transfer committee will internally review requests for “pre-maturation” of projects received from technology transfer offices: CEA, CNRS, Floralis, INRAE, INSERM transfert, and SATT Linksium.

• Application shall be sent by technology transfer offices to GRAL’s project manager
• The project shall be derived from academic research within GRAL’s scientific perimeter
• The max. duration of the project is 18 months.

Contact GRAL’s project manager labex – gral _@_ univ-grenoble-alpes . fr for more information.