GRAL can support the technology transfer of innovative projects in Integrated Structural and Cell Biology (derived from academic research within GRAL’s scientific perimeter). GRAL’s objective is to support projects showing promising opportunities for technology transfer, with a recent Intellectual Property portfolio.

Financial support from GRAL can help scientists from the GRAL labs (BioSanté, IBS, LCBM, and LPCV) make the technological leap to a pre-industrial proof of concept at the laboratory scale (TRL 4 level demonstrator, i.e. proof of in vivo or ex vivo compound efficacy, medical device / diagnostic test / vaccine platform prototypes, consolidation of a bioproduction process for compound or synthons of interest, biomaterials able of integrating an industrial filed, etc.).


Eligibility criteria

  • The proposed project must be linked to recent patent(s) (<= 3 years), for which the preliminary research report / rapport préliminaire de recherche is very favourable (optional) or which have already been the subject of issuance procedures
  • The project shall be derived from academic research within GRAL’s scientific perimeter
  • The max. duration of the proposed project is 18 months.
  • The project must not already be accompanied for maturation (SATT, CNRS, CEA etc).


You are invited to discuss with GRAL’s Project Manager, Anne-Mathilde Thierry (anne-mathilde.thierry _at_ or, 04 57 42 87 92) before submitting your application.

Applications can be submitted at any time to GRAL’s Manager: in English, 10 pages max., PDF format, which should include:
– Project title and acronym
– Intellectual Property
– Technology maturity (TRL 2-3)
– Targeted market(s) and applications
– Description of tasks
– Budget
– Considered technology transfer model: Start-up or License
– A statement stating that the project is not already (or applied for) supported by a Technology Transfer Accelerator (SATT or equivalent)
–  …

Please attach a copy of your patent department’s notice or documents produced by the patent office.



  • GRAL’s technology transfer committee (Michel Ferrand IRIG, Anne-Mathilde Thierry GRAL, Thierry Vernet IRIG/IBS) will first check project eligibility and candidates can expect a preliminary answer within 2 weeks.
  • If GRAL’s technology transfer committee wishes the project to be further evaluated, the delay before GRAL’s final answer will depend on external reviewers. GRAL’s technology transfer committee will submit to GRAL’s directory board a proposition of projects to be funded, based on the reports of external reviewers.