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Achievements and associated publications

The work driven on the axis 2 involve, since the beginning of 2012, 9 teams in the 3 partner institutes. The main progresses are the following ones (selection of publications):

Cartography of the chloroplast: purification of chloroplast sub-compartments and targeted proteomic analyses

Analysis of the molecular mechanisms involved in the adaptation of the chloroplast to changing environmental conditions

Prediction of protein targeting to the chloroplast

Functional and structural characterization of ions and metabolites chloroplast transporters

Identification of new targets of post-translational modifications (methylation) in the chloroplast

Identification of chloroplast proteins interacting with calmodulin

Structure / function analysis of chloroplasts proteins

Analysis of the compartmentation and transport of lipids between the chloroplast and other compartments of the cell

Initiation of the modeling of the metabolism (ChloroKB database) and the main functions of the chloroplast

Link to the website : http://chlorokb.fr/


Teams involved in the project

1. BIG

PCV-LAB: http://big.cea.fr/drf/big/english/PCV

BGE-LAB : http://big.cea.fr/drf/big/english/BGE

CBM-LAB: http://big.cea.fr/drf/big/english/CBM

 2. IBS