Axe 1: Host-pathogen interactions

Host-pathogen interactions (virus/bacterium)

 Objectives/Description :

A better understanding of fundamental processes of pathogen biology, their interaction with host cells including the modulation of host cell structures. We want to understand the interplay between proteins and membranes which induces membrane constriction leading to fission at sites of budding and/or division.

 We matter on the expertise of:

  • IBS groups in bacterial cell division and in viral/host cell interactions
  • UVHCI groups on fundamental aspects of cell division

 4 scientific objectives:

  • Full understandinf of transcription-replication of the flu virus
  • Assess the role of cytoskeleton in the transport of viral components
  • Decipher the role of membrane domains in bacterial cell growth and division; membrane remodelling of the viral infected cell
  • Decipher molecular mechanisms of the interaction of bacterial secretion machines with their host cell