In the framework of the Grenoble Graduate School in Chemistry, Biology, and Health (CBH-EUR-GS), the Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural & Cell Biology (GRAL) funds operating costs for PhD projects conducted in GRAL labs of the IRIG institute: IBS, BCI, BGE, CBM, and PCV.

GRAL funding can cover up to 10 000 € expenses per year, including research consumables, equipment, training, publication costs, travel, accommodation, and subsistence associated with research and scientific services, to be used during the doctoral contract. The funding cannot be used for salaries.

Funding can be allocated to both new and on-going PhD projects. For on-going PhD projects, the amount of funding will be proportional to the remaining project period on the basis of 10,000 € per year.

Funding is available for the operating costs of up to 5 PhD projects in 2020.



  • Projects must be presented by a research team from one of the GRAL laboratories of the IRIG institute.
  • Projects must contribute to GRAL’s main objective: to decipher and integrate knowledge on the structure and dynamics of biological molecules and their function in the cellular context, in space and time.
  • Funding for PhD salary must be secured and PhD candidate identified
  • PhD projects funded through ANR or ERC projects, and any PhD funding associated with operating costs, including GRAL and CBH Graduate School PhD scholarships, are not eligible.
  • Supervisors with students in their 2nd or 3rd year of PhD can also apply for GRAL PhD operating costs, for 10 000 € expenses per year (prorated to the remaining duration of the doctoral contract).


Send description of PhD project and a draft budget in pdf format using the attached template to GRAL’s Executive Manager by 7 September 13:00 CET.


GRAL’s Directory and Science Advisory Board will select the applications based on the following criteria:
– Ambition and scientific quality of the project
– Relevance of the PhD project towards GRAL’s research objectives


Call opening: 2 July 2020
Call closing: 7 September 2020 13:00 CET
Decision of GRAL directory and scientific advisory board: by end of September, for start of funding on 1 October 2020.