Since 2017, GRAL has supported 48 PhD projects.

The following students are/were hosted by one of our teams for their PhD projects.
*S / OC indicates projects for which GRAL funded PhD salary (S) and/or operating costs (OC).


Funded PhD projects

(As of October 2023, listed by start year and by last name)


Marta Carletti – The Seipin protein of Phaeodactylum: structure and function specificities, LPCV (S + OC)
Eva Cavallari – Exploring the structural and metabolic bases of microalgal mixotrophy for optimum biomass production, LPCV (S + OC, co-funded with DefiCO2 CDP)
Federico Musso – Characterization of the archaeal ribosome quality control system, IBS (S + OC)
Marie Perrier Deubiquinating enzymes and Calcium signalling, BGE (S + OC)
Paco Tarillon – Structural characterization of the functional unit of Bunyavirus genome replication, the ribonucleoprotein complex, by cryo-electron microscopy and tomography, IBS (OC)
María Val Pevida – Structural characterization of activated NADPH oxidase complex by CryoEM, IBS (S + OC)



Moïra Arnoux-Courseaux – LEAFY molecular network evolution in land plants, LPCV (OC)
Mohammed Chorfa – Development of infrared fluorescent proteins with emission towards 800 nm, IBS (S + OC)
Alessio d’Acapito – Cryo-electron tomography study of bacterial cell wall perforation by bacteriophage T5, IBS (OC)
Poushalee Dutta – Molecular insight into yeast cell wall polysaccharide synthesis, IBS (S + OC)
Aline Janeau – Evolution of MADS Transcription Factors and the Origin of the Flower, LPCV (S + OC)
Eymeline Pageot – Integrative structural biology of cell extracts, IBS (OC)
Cécile Pohar – Multiscale 3D electron microscopy to decipher Liver Architecture, LCBM (S + OC)
Serena Sleiman – Intracellular journey of the bacterial toxin ExoU – structural and cellular aspects, IBS (OC)
Mohamad Wahidi – Remote control of gene expression by CO2 in green microalgae, LPCV (S + OC)



Massilia Abbas – Pathogen LPS recognition by immunity C-type lectins receptor in a cell-surface mimicking environment, IBS (S + OC)
Florian Chenavier – Dynamic of influenza virus nucleocapsid assembly, IBS (S + OC)
Ingie Elchennawi – Structural and functional characterization of complexes involved in Iron-Sulfur cluster biogenesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis to tackle Tuberculosis, LCBM (OC)
Vangeli Geshkovski – Chromatin switches in plants: Molecular mechanisms of the ULTRAPETALA1 scaffold protein, LPCV (OC)
Hassan Hijazi – Altered dynamics of acylations of histone H3 Lysine 27 (H3K27): a mechanism contributing to transcriptional dysregulation in Huntington’s disease?, BioSanté (S + OC)
Aleksandra Mironova – Phase Separation of EARLY FLOWERING 3 and Plant Thermoresponse, LPCV (S + OC)
Rory Munro – Photo-activation mechanism of OCP studied by time-resolved serial crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, IBS (S + OC)
Juneina Omeiri – Structural study of the [FeFe]-hydrogenase active site assembly machinery, IBS (OC)
Borys Pedenko – Structure of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein in complex with a novel bnAb LN02, IBS (S + OC)
Andrea Jennifer Pinto – Molecular and structural investigations of the complement C1 complex interactions with IgMs, IBS (S + OC)



Shaghayegh Askarian Amiri – Alix control of exosome cargoes entry, IBS (S + OC)
Elda Bauda – Architecture of SpoIIIA-SpoIIQ, a protein complex involved in bacterial sporulation, IBS (OC)
Andrea Valeria Catacora Grundy – Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae, LPCV (S + OC)
Vaitson Çumaku – Structural characterization of engineered Virus Like Particles using nanoresonator-based mass spectrometry, BGE (S + OC)
Clara Delaunay – Impact in SARS-CoV-2 infection of DC/L-SIGN, L-SECtin and related C-type lectin receptors, IBS (OC)
Lenette Frøsig Kjær – Structure, dynamics and assembly of super-scaffolding complexes in MAPK cell signaling, IBS (S + OC)
Lorenzo Gaifas – Structural insight into bacterial chromatin assembly by cryo-electron tomography, IBS (S + OC)
Olivia Garnier – Endothelial cell reprogramming in cancer microenvironment: towards the identification of new therapeutic targets, BCI – BGE (S + OC)
Tu Quynh Nguyen – Assembly machinery of the nitrogenase active site, IBS (OC)
Adèle Renier – Exploring Two Partner Secretion in virulence of Gram-negative pathogens, BCI – IBS (S + OC)
Ronald Rios-Santacruz – Molecular movie of light-sensitive proteins by time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography at X-ray free electron lasers and synchrotrons, IBS (OC)
Haiyan Wang – Imaging of ESCRT-III spirals at HIV-1 budding necks, IBS (OC)
Jip Wulffelé – Manipulating fluorophore photophysics to boost single-particle tracking photo activated localization microscopy (spt-PALM), IBS (S + OC)



Mohammad Al Tarrass – Deciphering BMP9/10 signaling, BCI (S + OC)
Hussein Daher – Structure and operating principles of rabies virus RNA transcription/ replication machine; IBS (S + PC)
Raphaël Dupeyron – Investigating an epigenetic antifungal target: the RSC chromatin remodelling complex, IBS (S + OC)
Giulia Franco – Role of m6A RNA methylation in the control of gene expression, BGE (OC)
Loïc Hellio – Structural basis of membrane-protein insertion into the mitochondrial outer membrane by MIM, IBS (S + OC)
Jean-Baptiste Izquierdo – A molecular mechanism of interaction between two antagonistic chromatin complexes, LPCV – IBS (OC)
Yousr Rekik – On-chip hepatic organoid for the assessment of liver metabolism, LCBM (OC)



Samy Dufour – Towards Nanoscale Molecular Organisation of the Efferosynapse, IBS (OC)
Antonin Galien – Structure and Dynamics of Phyllogen-MADS Transcription Factor Interactions, LPCV (OC)



Serafima Guseva – Multi-scale studies of Measles virus nucleocapsid assembly, IBS (S + OC)