Industrial valorization

Technical means and expertise of the Labex Institutes offer to industries the possibility to carry out their research and development projects, through services platforms and/or collaborations.

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The IRIG Institute provide knowledge and advanced technical solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries:

  • Cell division and cancer
  • Immunity and host-pathogen interactions
  • Biochemistry under extreme conditions and biotech applications
  • Membrane proteins
  • Advanced technologies in structural biology
  • Biomarkers & drug validation
  • Algae, plant & bioengineering


The institutes of the Labex provides access to high-tech instruments and cutting-edge know-how for structural Biology studies through a number of technical platforms that are open to industries and to the international scientific community:

  • Protein production and macromolecular characterization
  • Mapping molecular interactions
  • 3D structures of challenging/complex proteins
  • Proteomics : EDYP/ProFI
  • Dynamic molecular imaging : μLiFe
  • Spectroscopy : Mössbauer
  • High throughput chemical screening : CMBA
  • Phytotrons

A Rich collaboration with Industries

  • Contracts with pharmaceutical industries, with startups and suppliers of biotechnological products
  • Privileged access to expertise and scientific advice from research teams with vast experience in biochemistry and structural biology
  • Patents connected with the human health and biotechnologies
  • Timely and efficient preparation of contracts
  • Different kind of partners

Start-ups :

  • Nat-X-Ray (Grenoble)
  • NMR-Bio (Grenoble)
  • Savira Pharmaceuticals (Heidelberg sur techno EMBL-Grenoble)
  • Novo-CIB (Heidelberg sur techno EMBL-Grenoble)
  • Promise offers analytical services for the accurate quantification of proteins
  • Cytoo develops products for cellular analysis and high-content cell screening which decrease cell variability.

Contacts :