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Context and objectives

Many local, national, institutional and European financing counters are devoted to the valorization of scientific and technological projects: SATT LinkSium, ANR Emergence, CEA/DRF funds dedicated to technological maturity, “Transverse Technologies for Health” program of the CEA, ITA-Valo CNRS, ERC-POC, etc ….
The budget for these actions range in general from 100 to 150 k€ and allow extended supports for:

 The “VALO-GRAL” program

The “VALO-GRAL” program will only support specific actions, with the objectives of removing technological barriers or providing technical-and-economic support on a given technology and/or its possible commercial exploitation. The VALO-GRAL program aims at positioning itself as a device for detecting inventions at their early stages and to foster the establishment of a “proof of concept at the laboratory-scale”. In that way, VALO GRAL will drive the projects to a “maturity level” compatible with the requirements of more extended supporting programs.

The scope of the VALO-GRAL will be:

Processes and procedures for project submission

The submission form is available here


The project leader (or co-leader) will be invited to present its project in about 20 min in front of the selection committee – Exact date to be determined


Information about the budget that can be allowed for each project is available on the submission form.

Evaluation Procedure

The Evaluation Committee consists of representatives of UGA, CNRS, CEA, LinkSium as well as representatives of the Labex GRAL institutes.

The Evaluation Committee will present its evaluation and arguments to the GRAL Directory which will take the final decision.

Applicants will be notified of the Directory decision together with specific comments.