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Support for Scientific Workshop

Support Of The Labex Gral
For Scientific Workshop Organized In The Fields Of The Labex

The GRAL Labex wishes to support the organization of scientific days, seminars, workshops, etc, that focus on the research themes of the Labex (Integrated Structural and Cell Biology) and that are co-organized by the Labex institutes (BIG & IBS).

Support requests must be dedicated to actions organized near Grenoble and involving a significant number of GRAL participants.

Applications will be examined approximately every 2 months by the GRAL Steering Committee.

Amount: The amount of the support grant will be up to 2 000€ depending on the international aspect of the event, its duration, the number of participants, the level of implication of GRAL teams, etc.

Please find here the application form
Soutien GRAL aux séminaires

You can download it and complete it directly.

Contact: manel.boumegoura@cea.fr / 04 38 78 05 78