GRAL will fund up to 6 scholarships for Master 2 students for the 2021-2022 academic year
All scientists from the GRAL laboratories (BioSanté/CBM/IBS/PCV) are invited to send proposals for M2 internships. More than one subject per team can be submitted but max. one student per team will be funded by GRAL. If more than 25 subjects are submitted, GRAL will preselect subjects based on their adequacy to GRAL’s scientific perimeter.

Proposition of internship subjects must be submitted before January 18th 23:59 using this online form.

The call for student applications will be launched in February 2021, with a deadline in April 2021. The GRAL scholarship of 8000 € will cover the academic year (September 2021 to June 2022: 4 months of courses + 6 months of laboratory training; the 800€/month of the scholarship includes the ‘gratification de stage’). Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of representatives of GRAL and of UGA’s Master of Biology programme directors. The successful candidates shall register for a Master 2 programme (in Biology) at UGA.