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GRAL Research proposal for PhD projects

Context of this Call

In the framework of the recently funded EUR “Grenoble Graduate School in Chemistry, Biology and Health” (CBH-EUR-GS), the LABEX-GRAL funds 6 PhD scholarships (salary for a PhD student and 10 k€ bench fees per year) in the area of integrated structural and cellular biology.

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  1. A cover letter indicating the PhD project of your choice (List of the PhD project’s below)
  2. CV
  3. Diplomas including marks (copies of academic transcripts equivalent to a Master 1 and Master 2 degree) and ranking.
  4. One letter of recommendation from your M2 Supervisor.

Evaluation process:

1- The internal scientific committee of GRAL

2- A member of the GRAL directory board

3- A member of the EUR directory board

4- A member of the graduated school

List of the 6 proposed PhD projects (please follow the link for more details on each subject):

1 Deciphering BMP9/10 signaling Sabine Bailly sabine.bailly@cea.fr  
2 Manipulating fluorophore photophysics to boost single-particle tracking photo activated localization microscopy (spt-PALM)   Dominique Bourgeois dominique.bourgeois@ibs.fr  
3 Structure and operating principles of rabies virus RNA transcription/ replication machine   Marc Jamin marc.jamin@ibs.fr  
4 Investigating an epigenetic antifungal target : the RSC chromatin remodelling complex Carlo Petosa carlo.petosa@ibs.fr  
5 Alix control of exosome cargoes entry   Remy Sadoul remy.sadoul@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr  
6 Structural basis of membrane-protein insertion into the mitochondrial outer membrane by MIM   Paul Schanda paul.schanda@ibs.fr