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From the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG)


IRIG welcomes about 1000 people who carry out their research activities in a joint research unit (UMR). The 10 UMR of the institute are supervised by the CEA and University Grenoble Alpes; some of them have additional trusteeship which may be the CNRS, Inserm or Inra. GRAL program support a network of 5 UMR : 


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The Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) is a research center for integrated structural biology funded by the CEA, the CNRS and the University Grenoble Alpes (Unite Mixte de Recherche, UMR 5075). The Institute performs interdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, physics and chemistry, and combines: basic science, applied science and technical innovation. ( For more informations Link)


The Biology of Cancer and Infection laboratory (1036 UMR_S CEA / Inserm / UGA) was created by the   association of several research teams, who wished to address some major challenges of cellular and molecular   biology related to human health. These research interests concern mainly bacterial infections and cancer.(Link)



     Chemistry and Biology of Metals Laboratory (UMR 5249 CEA/CNRS/UGA) is a federation of cell biologists, protein chemists, synthetic chemists        and spectrocopists developing their research in order to provide new     insights into the unique question of the physiological function, the        structure, the chemical reactivity and the regulation of complex biological systems transporting and utilizing metal ions.(Link)


     The Cell & Plant Physiology Laboratory (UMR 5168 CEA/CNRS/UGA – UMR 1417 INRA) studies the dynamics of the   plant cell. This research,     conducted at both the molecular and cellular, is then placed in the context of the whole     plant during its development and subjected to changing conditions of the environment. They aimed at a better understanding of cellular mechanisms, e.g. metabolic pathways or processes of cell division and morphogenesis.(Link) 


    BGE               The Laboratory “Large Scale Biology” (UMR_S 1038 Inserm / CEA / UGA) is a research structure of our institute. This       laboratory  brings together three teams (EDyP, Biomics and Gen & Chem) who decided to implement large-scale strategies (Proteomics, RNA interference, genetics, chemogenomics) in order to decipher the mechanisms that govern the major cellular functions.(Link)